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Brotherhood of Evil Mutants I (1964-1978)
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Brotherhood of Evil Mutants VI (1999)
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants VII (2000-2001)
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants VIII (2003-2004)
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants IX (2004-2005)
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants X (May 2008-Present)
Ultimate Brotherhoods
Brotherhoods outside of comics

With months between Brotherhoods a Brother  has to have a place to vent....

July 8, 2005- Alright I rarely get to update the site but I do see it gets some views which makes me happy but no one has e-mailed me about the site and that makes me sad (not really but still). So anyway drop me a line becuase you'd be the only one. On Brotherhood news the House of M special has a chance to see a new Brotherhood but I doubt it.
July 23, 2005- Still haven't made any real updates. I know I still have to add the X-Men Evolution Brotherhood to the site, don't worry that will be comming soon. I'm happy with the views this site gets but still no e-mails. Address is for those who coludn't find it on the front page. In Brotherhood related news, in House of M it has been revealed Pyro will make a comeback as part of Magneto's team (sadly not named Brotherhood). Also Mystique, Wolverine, Toad, and Rogue are grouped on the same team in this alternate/main universe (I still don't get House of M that much if someone could explain it to me that'd be awsome) so maybe their a Brotherhood like team?
August 2, 2005- I put the years each Brotherhood were around and edited some minor stuff. Sad news in that I don't think we'll see another Brotherhood for the rest of '05 and going into '06. After House of M is done and set rumor has it Mr. Sinister is the next big challenge for the X-Men leaving the Brotherhood for a possible mid '06 appearense earliest. Though Brotherhood characters are active in the comics though so that's a good thing.
September 1, 2005- Alright my University is in New Orleans and unless you've been under a rock you know I have more free time now so you'll be seeing updates. In Related news my site is up on google! If you type in "Brotherhood of Evil Mutants" I'm on page 11! Ok that's not really that great so I need help bossting my page number, as of today I'm like 6 spots from page 10, so please go to google type in what I just put in these "" and boost my page number! Today page 11 tomorrow who knows? My goal is to be on page 5 but that'll take a few years unless this site gets real popular real fast. As always no e-mails so I have no idea what people think of this site so please drop me a line.
December 21, 2005- Ok I've lost whatever google placing I had in September but this site gets more visits than with the google ranking so I'm confused. I get about 500 page views a month and I assume you all look at all page so I get about 40-50 people a month at this site, which isn't that good but it's an improvement. Anyways college stopped my from updating the site for a while, get used to it, and also lack of any Brotherhood news has too. Alright still NO e-mails from anyone so like I said you'd be the first if you e-mail me and i will respond to it and I'm anyone wants to link me I'll link them becuase more visitors the merryer. In Brotherhood news House of M messed everything up and many mutants lost their powers. For the Brotherood it goes like this;
Depowered: Blob, Magneto.
Same: Avalanche, Sabertooth, Mystique.
Don't Know: Everyone else.
Still Dead: Francisco Franco (only old people will get that one), Destiny, Mastermind, Pyro, even though he made an appearence in House of M Marvel said he still rests in the dirt.
In intresting news Marvel realsed a list of 12 which four of them will be the next hoursemen of Apocalypse and Avalanche and Mystique are on it. Personally if Avalanche was on it that would be awsome but I'd give him a 1% chance of making it since only the big guns make it and I'd give Mystique a 30% chance since Marvel has really been developing her character and giving her spotlight but I really see Avalanche more usful than her and have no idea what horsemen she would be.
Janurary 11, 2006- No real undates besides putting up the picture of the Brotherhood in X3. I was personally hopping Avalanche would be in along with Toad and Sabertooth but oh well. Updates are going to be slow because college is a lot of work and New Orleans is a mess right now. not to mention that there really is not that much Brotherhood news anyways. On a very happy note the last time I updated the site I complained about my google status and well apparently it has improved greatly because on both google and yahoo (on yahoo I'm #4 overall!) I am on page 1! I honestly would have never expected to get that high that quickly and I have only you guys to thank, so thank you! My page view jump by 200 views from 500 a month to about 700 a month which really means I get about 45-60 people visiting this site a month, about 1-6 a day, I know that math does not end up so I go through the process of explaining it. When I go to tripod it shows me page view yesterday and page view for the last 30 days (about a month) and since I have 13 pages I divide by 13 and hen do a lot of estimation since I'm sure not everyone looks at all 13 pages. Since it has been picking up recently the number will go up overtime if I keep getting this many views. Also still NO E-MAILS from anyone! So many views, so much exposure, and yet not 1 single e-mail! I have a lycos e-mail account under this website's name if that helps out but use the one because I check that one. Please e-mail so I can get feedback, I will respond to it.
Janurary 28, 2006- Alright I've survived a month in the new rebuilt New Orleans and deserve mad props. I deserve massive props for this update because as I am typing this a dorm near me just got busted for throwing an alcohol party on a dry campus, never mind they're under 21. As for the actural updates, I got some names for the new Brotherhood in X-3: Magneto, Pyro, Juggernaut, Mystique, Callisto, Stacy X, Multiple Man, Omega Red, Pheonix. This is probably an incomplete list but so far I don't really care for it. No Avalanche, Blob, Toad, Mastermind, Quicksilver, or Scarlet Witch. Seems like they just put a bunch of popular X-villians together and don't care about the comics this time. Or well to each their own. As usual NO EMILS YET! People I know you go to this site becuase I'm on the first page when you search for "Brotherhood of Evil Mutants" on both Yahoo and Google so if you guys could keep that up that would be awsome. I seriously never thought this site would get so popular because I am the only Brotherhood of Evil Mutants fan that I know of and have no connections in the comic world. SO thanks for visiting but PLEASE E-MAIL!
April 24, 2006: I know it's been a couple of months but trust me those were busy months for me and slow months for the Brotherhood. This update is mostly new X3 stuff. Comic wise the X-Men are taking on Apocalypse so they'll have their hands full for a while. About a year plus since last Brotherhood which isn't too bad considering that some comic teams are never used again. Anyways no e-mails yet so I give up on those and hope I meet someone on the streets that knows the site, how I'll do that is beyond me at the moment but if you are in New Orleans right now I'm right there with you. Ratings wise I've been going back and fourth for a low of about 760 page views to an all time high of 1007. On Google I'm still on the first page when you type in Brotherhood of Evil Mutants but on yahoo you type the same thing and you have to go all the way down to page 6. There are a lot of crummy sites ahead of me, you guys know what you need to do. Just to let you guys know that I check the site everyday even thoguh it might be months between updates. Well thanks for viewing and I hope you guys enjoy the site!
May 7, 2006: Put up Ultimate Brotherhood stuff. Decided to finally do it since the mainstream Brotherhood is out for a while. Good stuff since there is currently a Brotherhood in action in the Ultimate line. I'll keep up with this as I get info so check weekly.
March 27, 2008: Ok so its been almost two years, yeah I know I've been bad but I've been busy. Updates comming up so don't worry.
April 13, 2008: Finished catching up on two years of missed material and seems to be that the current theme in the X-Men universe is that everyone dies. As for Brotherhood news nothing happened. Haven't checked the Ultimate line since I really don't care about it but I'll be working on that since I know people do. As for other things on the search engine I'm not even on yahoo and on google I'm in 7th place if you type "Brotherhood of Evil Mutants." I'm happy with this showing so thanks all that read this.
May 20, 2008: Alright so we have a new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants made up of former New Mutants in the Young X-Men storyline. Let's see where they go with this one. The lineup looks to be made up of completely new Brotherhood members and no old favorites returning. I just glad we have a Brotherhood but still hold out that Magneto will leade one again some day but hey let's just be happy with what we got.
June 26, 2008: Put pictures up and updated the site a little. Brotherhood looks like it will battle the X-Men till August which means 2 more months of Brotherhood action. Who knows what their fate might be.