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Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Page

Ultimate Brotherhoods

Brotherhood of Evil Mutants I (1964-1978)
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants II (1977)
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants III (1981-1985)
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants IV (1991)
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants V (1995-1997)
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants VI (1999)
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants VII (2000-2001)
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants VIII (2003-2004)
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants IX (2004-2005)
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants X (May 2008-Present)
Ultimate Brotherhoods
Brotherhoods outside of comics

For the Ultimate Fans...

With the introduction of the Ultimate Universe in 2001 ripoffs of the mainstream univers fill its pages, ok so I'm not a fan of the ultimate univers, and the Brotherhood is no expection. In this universe they are known as the Brotherhood of Mutants and are different from their mainstream counterparts. They have bigger roles than their mainstream counterparts, have more members, and appear more often per year. So here's a list of Ultimate Brotherhoods and their time line.
Brotherhood of Muatnts I (Feburary 2001- May 2003)
Magento (leader)
Scarlet Witch
Quicksilver (Temp leader)
Later add ons
Multiple Man
Many Others
Classic Brotherhood vs X-Men action with Quicksilver betraying Magneto in the end. Xavier mindwipes Magneto for a while so he's out of the action but the Brotherhood stays together. They play a minor role in the Weapon X story line.They gain lots of new memberswho care less for Quicksilvers style of leading and are animal/mutants.Beast gives the location of Magneto and Magneto reenters the scene killing his animal followers. Magneto is not pleased with the actions of his Brotherhood in his absence. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch leave the Brotherhood for the Ultimates. Magneto revives his old Brotherhood in their anti X-Men ways. He has a basic big villian plan that the X-Men stop and they put an end to the Brotherhood.
Brotherhood of Mutants II (June 2006- Current)
Seen so far:
Multiple Man
Probably will see later:
We'll have to see how this one plays out before I put more info since Marvel likes twisted and complicated story lines.

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